Cash & Liquidity Management Solutions



Helping You Manage the Invisible

Complete your Cash Position instantly in the morning, enabling proactive decision making to stay ahead of changing market conditions. Ensure funds are available to meet your needs at the right place, at the right time.

Better Data, Yields Better Results

Automate your data collection and input to produce better reports. Entering data manually into spreadsheets is tedious and error-prone.

Get the Control You Want from the Treasury Cloud

Increase control by using the treasury cloud; reduce your operating costs and streamline efficiency.

Treasurytree is a centralized SaaS based Treasury platform addressing the challenges of financial data spread across multiple departments, geographical locations and currencies. This online portal automates processes and minimizes manual work, providing full visibility into your organization's finances.

Treasury Efficiency Check

Treasurytree’s Modules include:


Cash Management

The Cash Management module provides clear visibility into the global cash and liquidity of all your treasury operations. You can make better funding and investment decisions with up-to-date information and a thorough analysis of your cash availability.


Cash Reconciliation

The Cash Reconciliation feature integrates with your company's ERP system to automate the process of balance reconciliation. Eliminate operational risk by doing away with the manual end-of-day and intra-day balance reconciliation.


Cash Forecasting

The Cash Forecasting module allows you to forecast more efficiently and with greater accuracy through its advanced modeling techniques. Create forecasts for daily to yearly cash positions and any time interval in between. Now you can reduce excess liquidity, predict future shortages and optimize interest income. Detailed cash flow projections and variance reports on demand will support your analysis.


Bank Fee Analysis

The Bank Fee Analysis module allows you to analyze electronic bank fee statements (EDI 822, BSB) in an easy to read format. Use comparative bank fee analysis to negotiate better prices with your banks and automatically verify fees charged against contractual agreements to identify discrepancies.



e-BAM lets you keep track of signatories authorized to open, manage and close bank accounts. Manage your bank relationships with unparalleled control, being able to view accounts across all geographical locations. 


FBAR Regulatory Compliance

The FBAR feature delivers automated Foreign Bank Account Reporting in compliance with the requirements of the United States Treasury, saving time and avoiding errors.