Vendor Test Bed


To develop customized SWIFT products or SWIFT-compatible applications, companies and vendors need to pre-test their products to prove that they are robust, stable and compatible with its network ecosystem.

Successful compatibility testing via our Vendor Test Bed is a requirement before the SWIFT Certified Applications label can be granted. The SWIFT Certified Application criteria provide a sound basis for its users to select vendor products. This also significantly decreases the due diligence work performed in the selection process.

With SWIFT's Vendor Test Bed (VTB) vendors can check product compliance. Vendors can successfully show that their application is compatible and able to send SWIFTNet traffic messages including:

  • FIN
  • InterAct
  • FileAct
  • Testing with VTB

For SWIFT compatibility testing Axletree’s Service Bureau offers a dedicated VTB connection that customers can use to test their product's SWIFT compatibility prior to launch. Testing within SWIFT's VTB ensures the compatibility of the messaging flow with SWIFTNet central processing systems, such as message format validation, archiving, delivery notification, and network acknowledgement.