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SWIFT Financial Messaging is a very powerful tool for banks and corporations alike. Its messaging capabilities include Payments, Securities, Trade Finance, FX/Treasury and Market Infrastructure. For corporations, this connection allows for streamlined access to your financial data using the ISO20022 and MT formatted messages. Benefits available are receiving intraday balance reporting, importing/exporting letters of credit and FX confirmations. For financial institutions, this connection allows for you exchange ISO20022 and MT formatted messages with your business clients, opening up a far greater reach for your products.

Connecting to the SWIFT Network is easy. Enter Axletree Solutions, we understand the needs of both banks as well as corporations and want to help you choose the connectivity level that serves your needs. If you are already connected to the SWIFT Network, Axletree offers a competitive alternative in both pricing and service, not to mention our additional products that optimize your SWIFT Connection. To assure the highest levels of security, reliability and technical support, our SWIFT Messaging solutions are maintained by SWIFT Certified Engineers.

Our goal is to provide our clients with Peace of Mind as it relates to their connectivity and treasury needs.


Treasury Efficiency Check

SWIFT Certified Connectivity:

Every three years, SWIFT will audit companies that offer their connectivity solution and awards the top performers with the SWIFT Premier Operating Practice Label. This means that a Service Bureau must maintain the highest levels of security, reliability, confidentiality and directly supports SWIFT's "Failure is Not an Option" philosophy. Axletree was the first Service Bureau in North America to be awarded the Premier Operational Practice Label in 2014. 

By partnering with Axletree’s Service Bureau, you are assured of: 

  • Enablement of full SWIFTNet messaging services.
    • FIN
    • InterAct
    • FileAct
    • WebAccess/Browse
  • State of the art resilient infrastructure including redundant disaster recovery.
  • Highest levels of physical and logical security.
  • Resilient network configuration.
  • Highest quality of support services, including worldwide 24x7x365 "live" support.


SWIFT Connectivity

SWIFT 7.2-axletree-solutionsThe Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) provides a network that enables corporations and banks worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions in a secure, standardized and reliable environment. SWIFT certifies business applications, specialists and interfaces for compliance with SWIFT requirements and standards, and registers Service Bureaus through their Shared Infrastructure Program.

SWIFT connectivity provides a standardized system for communication between corporations and banking institutions, thus eliminating information silos and improving the efficiency of tasks associated with financial communications.

Axletree Solutions offers a powerful solution that delivers superior value to our banking and corporate customers. Our hosted model provides benefits of automation, streamlined communication, data redundancy, technical support and simplified vendor management. We assure the highest levels of resiliency, security, reliability and technical support.



Axletree is the recognized leader in Software-as-a-Service SWIFT Connectivity and is known for its resilient infrastructure, SWIFT expertise and exceptional customer service.

As the first Service Bureau in North America to obtain the SWIFTReady Connectivity Best Practices Label – the highest form of accreditation awarded to a SWIFT Service Bureau – Axletree clients are assured of robust, end-to-end SWIFT solutions and services ranging from Connectivity to Implementation, Support, Maintenance and Value-Added Solutions.



  • A SWIFT Certified Service Bureau and Consulting Services provider.
  • The first SWIFT Best Practice Certified and SSAE16 SOC2 Type II Audited Service Bureau in the United States. 
  • We have over 13 years expertise in delivering tailor-made solutions to our clients worldwide.
  • We offer complete end-to-end delivery of SWIFT solutions by SWIFT Certified Engineers.
  • We offer a single point of contact from Implementation through Support and Maintenance.
  • We have multiple Tier 3 data centers  including a secure HOT Disaster Recovery site.
  • We take pride in our global 24x7x365 support desk managed by "live" SWIFT-certified engineers (you will never get a voicemail).

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